Vitamin D3

Vitamin D plays an outstanding role in the body and it is essential in your overall well-being, from contributing to the normal function of immune system to the maintenance of normal bones, muscles and teeth. The Vitamin D your body produces is used by the food you consume to absorb calcium and phosphorus. The HSE/FSAI recommends a daily healthy Vitamin D3 supplement especially during the autumn and winter months.

Why Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 can have an impact on as many as 2,000 different genes within the body, and has a direct role on far more aspects of health than many might realize.

Vitamin D receptors are found in nearly every cell, and as soon as D binds to a receptor, it turns genes on or off, prompting changes at the cellular level. Studies completed over the last two decades have proven that this process turns off cancer-causing genes, turns on immunoprotective genes, and even tells cells which vitamins and minerals to absorb. This all has a great effect on many important body processes, including:

  • Bone Health

  • Insulin Control

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Heart Health

  • Possible Cancer Prevention

  • Mood

Where To Buy

Family D products are available in all leading pharmacies.